Serendipitous failures

It’s amazing to me how much we pour into reinventing ourselves. What really amazes me is how much time and energy I’ve spent trying to reinvent myself — how much effort I put into making myself less unique. What I finally learned is I’m better off improving and harnessing the qualities I already possess than trying to trade them in for completely different ones. Tomorrow is another birthday for me. One thing I’ve noticed the past few birthdays is that every year I’m a little happier I never succeeded in becoming anyone… Read More

You're not old, you're in your prime

Every day brings little reminders of how long I’ve been on this earth. They’re the things that I didn’t used to notice, things that didn’t faze me when I was twenty or thirty, but now — now they catch my attention, sometimes my ire. Sometimes when an ache or pain catches me off guard, I’ll tell my wife I’m old. She usually replies, in a playful tone, “You’re not old, Honey. You’re in your prime.” Many of us feel frustration or resignation when confronted with signs of getting older. But what if… Read More