Job crafting

On my way to work the other day, I caught a particularly interesting episode of Hidden Brain. It was about dream jobs. Specifically, it was about dispelling the myth of the “dream” job – the one thing you’re meant to do (or be) with your life. People often mistake high-profile, prestigious or lucrative careers for the most rewarding, but they often aren’t. At the least, job satisfaction isn’t always predicted by the level of compensation, prestige or fame associated with a career. This idea about job satisfaction isn’t a new one, but the next… Read More

Into the void

What happens when we face uncertainty? How do we feel? It depends on the situation and the person. I know many who feel a pronounced anxiety when the path, or the outcome, is unclear. I can definitely relate. There have been many situations where I’ve felt this way, and there’s one thing that all them have in common: the feeling that I have no control over my own destiny. But the flip side is when I feel like I can do something to help myself. In those situations, panic is rare. Even… Read More


Finding my story

Lately I’ve been wondering, if I had to give a TED talk, what would it be? How would it look and sound? I’m not suggesting a TED appearance is in my future, but posing the question to myself is a way of attempting to focus on what really drives me. So I entertain the question.  If you had to do it, what would that be like?


30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day 27. Religion isn’t a bad thing in itself. It provides a structure, a template, that helps people follow their faith. The inherent danger in all religious systems is that adherence to a faith will morph into adherence to the structure that’s meant to serve the faith. When people see the structure as their primary focus, instead of the faith on which the structure is supposed to be based, things can go sideways. History is full of examples.


30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day eleven.

Sniff quality

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day seven.

30 days of handwritten verse

Way back in 2007, I started a daily haiku blog on I posted a new haiku each day for over six months. Since I started posting handwritten haiku, I haven’t even come close to that pace. For the next 30 days, starting today, I’m challenging myself to post a new handwritten haiku or short poem each day. Putting more out there on a regular basis is a habit I’d really like to get back to. By letting you know that’s my goal, I figure I’ll be more likely to follow through…. Read More