The thank-you project

In 2011 I designed some letterpress cards bearing this haiku: all heroism is a matter of sharing what we’ve been given From the moment I scribbled those words, I was convinced of the truth that being a hero doesn’t require anything magical or superhuman. It only requires us to share what we have. Looking at it that way, I started to see gratitude as something worth sharing as well. So I started using these cards to write my own thank-you notes. Life’s been busy in the years since, and many good things… Read More

Hyatt Place notes

About ten days ago I arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, for a work project. Since then I’ve experienced a lot of new sights, tastes and challenges. A positive tone was struck the moment I walked into my hotel room to find this on the table: If know me a little, you may have some idea how pleased I was to find a handwritten welcome note waiting in my room. And if you knew that much about me, you know there’s no way I wasn’t going to leave a handwritten thank you note: I… Read More

Lollipop moments

Far too many of us live our lives unaware of the impact we have on the people around us. A moment of unassuming generosity may change someone else’s life without us even noticing.

Sustainable gratitude

When I began my thank-you project, there were results I expected and others I did not. One of the expected results was to simply let others know the gifts they’d shared had been noticed and appreciated. As a person with a tendency to get wrapped up in his own head, I often forget to acknowledge such gifts. Another expected result was that I’d become more aware of how many occasions I really do have for gratitude. I’ve long heard gratitude begets gratitude, and so I hoped to breed more gratitude in my… Read More