The thank-you project

In 2011 I designed some letterpress cards bearing this haiku: all heroism is a matter of sharing what we’ve been given From the moment I scribbled those words, I was convinced of the truth that being a hero doesn’t require anything magical or superhuman. It only requires us to share what we have. Looking at it that way, I started to see gratitude as something worth sharing as well. So I started using these cards to write my own thank-you notes. Life’s been busy in the years since, and many good things… Read More

Hyatt Place notes

About ten days ago I arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, for a work project. Since then I’ve experienced a lot of new sights, tastes and challenges. A positive tone was struck the moment I walked into my hotel room to find this on the table: If know me a little, you may have some idea how pleased I was to find a handwritten welcome note waiting in my room. And if you knew that much about me, you know there’s no way I wasn’t going to leave a handwritten thank you note: I… Read More

Lollipop moments

Far too many of us live our lives unaware of the impact we have on the people around us. A moment of unassuming generosity may change someone else’s life without us even noticing.

Image-friendly archives

In the midst of my 30 days of handwritten verse, Karl pointed out a major shortcoming of the archives for the project.

Sustainable gratitude

When I began my thank-you project, there were results I expected and others I did not. One of the expected results was to simply let others know the gifts they’d shared had been noticed and appreciated. As a person with a tendency to get wrapped up in his own head, I often forget to acknowledge such gifts. Another expected result was that I’d become more aware of how many occasions I really do have for gratitude. I’ve long heard gratitude begets gratitude, and so I hoped to breed more gratitude in my… Read More

Natural Lines – handwritten verse

A couple years ago I released a limited edition collection of handwritten verse images. The book, which was called Natural Lines is no longer for sale, but a slideshow of the images from the book is now available here. The book is also available in PDF upon polite request. Click here to view the slideshow.

Cool Menthol Woman – Haiku and Other Verse

Cool Menthol Woman – Haiku and Other Verse is the book of short poetry I wrote back in 2008. It’s still available via, among other outlets. If you’ve picked up a copy, I hope it spoke to you. If so, please don’t hesitate to let me know–I love feedback, and I’m always pleased to hear from folks who are just reading this little collection half a dozen years later.