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My friend Karl posted some thoughts on blogging and the kind of connections he’s been able to forge through his online ventures. I’m privileged to be one of the many connections he’s made over the years. Far from merely benefiting from connections himself, Karl has also enabled countless connections between other people. From the old days at Philly Future, where a bunch of us tried to weave a community from the disparate legions of Philadelphia area bloggers, to the meetups where so many of us came out from behind our keyboards, dispelling… Read More


Seth posted a great thought on this simple truth yesterday.

Dancing with absurdity

Every person should have the opportunity to overcome incredible difficulty at some point in life. I’m talking about something that comes so close to breaking you, a challenge that seems truly insurmountable. Of course, life is full of things that seem impossible — until you find a way to do them. If you’re fortunate, you’ll find out what it’s like to have such an accomplishment. For me, that challenge has been dyslexia. When I was young, reading and writing seemed impossible. Learning to compensate for my difficulties has been one of the… Read More

Left behind

“Obamacare” has been a contentious subject since long before the Affordable Care Act was passed here in the U.S. I’m one of those who feel the law is vastly flawed while also a significant improvement over the status quo it replaced. I pay a fixed percentage of my health insurance premiums. When the overall premium rises, my portion of the premium also rises. This year I saw my share of those premiums rise, as they do every year. But something funny happened this year: they rose by less than at any point… Read More



It’s Election Day in the U.S. More specifically, it’s an unglamorous, under-attended mid-term Election Day. The decisions being made during mid-terms never draw as much attention from the voting public, but they’re just as important. If you have the right to vote, please exercise it today.

Director's cut


Echoing a theme from Seth.

Every little thing

Everything is important to someone.