Deferred costs

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day nineteen.
Deferred costs

Can't we all just get along?

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day eighteen.
Can't we all just get along?
When I started scribbling down a few other attempts at this haiku, I was thinking about something that happened in Philadelphia a week ago, when a gay couple was attacked by what could best be described as a small mob.

Not a proud moment for a city I love.

It doesn’t matter to me personally whether you approve or disapprove of anyone’s lifestyle or belief system. I don’t doubt these were factors driving at least some of the attackers, but that’s not what scares me most about a story like this.

The basic failure running through so much of our society — from brutal attacks like this to childish political discourse — is that so many people seem to think a difference of belief or lifestyle justifies a complete lack of civility. So many of us have decided (consciously or not) that we simply don’t want to bother dealing constructively with anyone or anything that challenges our view of the world.

It’s pathetic, and I honestly don’t know why so many people in a “civilized” society are content to operate on such an infantile level. The idea that so many of us see compassion and civility as afterthoughts, rather than integral parts of daily life, is what truly frightens me.

Why we can't have nice things

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day seventeen.
Why we can't have nice things
A few days ago I went to put on my wedding ring, and I couldn’t find it. At the time I assumed it would turn up in one of the usual places — by the kitchen or bathroom sink, or maybe in my car. Now I’m starting to panic a little.

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Pragmatic pups

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day sixteen.
no orthodoxy -- hounds simply follow a scent wherever it leads

Just because

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day fifteen.
Just because

Let go

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day fourteen.
we hate letting go almost as fervently as we hate being left

Power washing blues

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day thirteen.
they didn't tell us power washing was stinky -- thank God for the rain
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30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day twelve.too many of us mistake comfort for safety and surrender both


30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day eleven.
hold my memory so as years run together we don't come apart

Looking down

30 Days of Handwritten Verse, day ten.
seeing the downside may seem inevitable, but somewhere we choose
Looking back on all the things I’ve been through, I see how much more miserable some situations would have been if I hadn’t adopted a creative perspective (i.e., one that allows me to see things a little more positively).